Will On Woods aka WOW

The fruition of few young minds who believe in the wonders of nature and experiences gained while traveling. “Experiential learning” is the meticulous style in which knowledge is imparted by the reflection of doing. Unlike the traditional outbound training programs, WOW challenges the status quo in experiential learning offered to educational institutions and corporates. The adept team of experienced trainers, insightful mentors, enthusiastic volunteers, an on site doctor, a full-time chef and the wilderness of The Nilgiris make your outbound training at WOW exceptional and fruitful.

Serene and set in heights of nature, WOW is spread over nine acres of varied terrain. The facility is a perfect getaway for power packed adventures and vogue camping. Starting with an off road ride to the camp for the adrenaline junkies to a library for the bookworms, our list of facilities includes an amphitheatre, projector room, dining area, bonfire and waterfalls. All these were devised to offer you an immersive camping and learning experience. The campus is safe guarded on all sides by electric fencing ensuring proper safety once inside. We ensure that the guests get their basic necessities with a touch of luxury, even in an adventure campsite, making it a joyful experience. We have something or the other for every individual who steps into the woods

So come out from the classrooms and cubicles, we’ll take you through an empirical journey of awesomeness.